Gamers have their own language, so the completion of content and perfection of in-game language is a key factor for the success of a game later. That said, if it is made for gamers, is must be made by gamers. The localize team must really play the game, know the game to localize the game. But still, they need to keep the game “fresh” for veterans to really enjoy the game.


Moreover, with a massive working volume that need to be fully localized in just 50 days, this ambitious and challenging project require localize team to have a really swift working process with no compromise on quality, along with smooth and effective communication throughout.

With net asset exceeded $4 billions, Ourpalm is one of the biggest game developers in China, and the world also. Working mainly on mobile game and webgame, Ourpalm launched hundred games in various platforms. Treasuaring some of the most famous studios of the industry, such as Unity, Tianma, FingerFun (HK) Limited, etc.

Many their high-quality games with global popularity, covering mainstream game markets such as China, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and so on.

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